MaviBahçe Alışveriş ve Yaşam Merkezi

MaviBahçe, was designed by an investment group from Izmir as a town square where people meet with their children and friends, have a great time and do shopping in a green environment in keeping with the demands, needs and lifestyles of people living in Izmir.

Our mission as MaviBahçe is to create a “Meeting, Dining, Entertainment and Shopping Point” not only for Karşıyaka but for the whole of Izmir and neighbour Aegean provinces, to change the shopping environment and to offer a rare experience unlike the others.

You can realize numerous details of Aegean architecture in MaviBahçe. As for Roy Higgs, the architect of MaviBahçe, the most remarkable characteristics of Aegean architecture is that it makes you happy, peaceful and pleased. Based on this point of view, an Izmir-kind “place of pleasure” was created by using Izmir’s unique architectural details such as clock tower, vivid colours, materials, terraces, ponds, shades, bay windows, balconies, white pergolas, wrought iron details and landscape in MaviBahçe.

A high-quality partly indoor/outdoor living center was developed so that you can visit in any season in comfort and pleasure. In the middle of the center, there is a beautiful and wide open garden full of palm trees, bougainvilleas and jasmines with ponds decorated with the flowers of Aegean. This garden, ponds and other water elements were designed in a way to form the green area of Mavisehir. In MaviBahçe, there is a wide combination of brands that each family member can satisfy their any kinds of needs. MaviBahçe offering the widest brand range in Izmir, has become the new center of fashion and shopping with the ideal-scale stores and widest collections of more than 220 national and international brands.

There are 52 famous restaurants and cafés in MaviBahçe. Among these, there are also brands serving local foods. MaviBahçe gathering Izmir’s widest restaurant-café range has become the new address of dining, entertainment and social life.

MaviBahçe serves for children with Izmir’s most extensive children’s floor and entertainment center in 3500 m2 area. In this area, children and parents both satisfy their needs with children’s hairdresser, children’s room and hand-wash points, stores selling any kinds of children’s stuff, food courts, entertainment, education and activity areas, and also have great time.

The first IMAX theatre of Izmir was opened in MaviBahçe with other 11 comfortable theatres operated by Cinemaximum. MaviBahçe has 2000 parking capacity and offers VIP valet parking service.

MaviBahçe was founded for people born and living in Izmir. There is Izmir inside it! It is from Izmir not because of it is located in Izmir, the reason is that it has the texture, the smell of Izmir, it loves the beauty, the sun of Izmir, it knows the style, the manner of Izmir and it enjoys the pleasure and love just like Izmir. MaviBahçe aims to make its visitors happy by offering a widely admirable town square eligible for Izmir’s lifestyle, a pleasant and unique shopping experience and celebrating special days of the beautiful people of Izmir. MaviBahçe is a significant part of the social and cultural life in Izmir with its unique concept and it changes the ambiance of shopping with its pleasant environment just like Izmir.

If you feel Izmir inside, come to MaviBahçe!